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Ways To Break A Lock

09/13/2013 Back To Blog

Sometimes life puts us in front of some bizarre situations when the knowledge of the craziest things may come very handy. Now one of the tings that in some people’s opinion from time to time can be very useful is knowledge on how to break a lock. And really if you would make a small effort you really could come up with five good reasons where the knowledge on how to break a lock could benefit you.

Put some force in it?

If you got stuck in a room without a key to let yourself free what you can do is try to break your way out by trying to break a lock. Now, what you should do is to try to find some very heavy object and then point it directly toward the lock. However once when you take a swing at the lock you, even though it may seem you are aiming directly for the lock try to kick the area few centimeters below the lock. This way you will open the door without physically destroying the lock. If the lock you are trying to break is a padlock then the object should directly hit the lock because otherwise it would not make much sense.

Put some drilling into it

If you need to eliminate the pin tumbler lock and have no idea how to do it, you should definitely try to drill your way through that lock. You should place the drill right on the key whole and start drilling. You will break that lock in less than few minutes.

Put some sawing in it

Another very useful approach to breaking a padlock is with the help of the hacksaw. Since the hacksaw is strong enough to cut almost anything, the same way it will cut your padlock in no time.

Call your local locksmith

If you are determine to break a lock and have some time on your hands then the best thing you can do is to address your local locksmith service provider. Locksmiths among other things like mobile locksmith services, emergency locksmith services, emergency lock rekeys, emergency lockouts, emergency trunk openings, cut keying, lock installation and many similar and useful services perform also lock changes and lock replacements. These things may seem less exciting than lock braking but they bring the wanted results much faster and with less, damage, noise and trouble.

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