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The best short answers for all lock systems and locksmith services. Clear your doubts. Learn how to deal with lock related problems and what to do when you are locked out.

Is it possible to have a duplicate for a transponder key?

A reliable locksmith service provider, as emphasized by the professionals at Locksmith Sunland, has technicians who have the ability to make a replacement for a transponder key. This process is usually done in the shop, or the office of the locksmith service provider. Most of the time, there is a need to request for this service ahead of time.

What are home safety tips from locksmiths?

When leaving home for more than 3 days, cancel your newspaper and mail delivery. Unpicked newspapers and mails is a sure indicator that no one is home. Do not close curtains during daytimes. Always make sure that your place looks like someone is in. Also lock all outside doors and windows and if you have a burglar alarm, it is best to alert the police of people who have your keys.

Will security locks keep my home secure?

Make sure you'll get high quality security door locks. This is the first rule! Good door locks will protect your house as long as they are replaced and repaired often according to the specialists of our company in Sunland. For extra security you will need to install more lights and alarm systems to all entrances.

Why does the door lock make a scraping noise when I use it?

This is most likely because the bolt touches the opening of the strike plate. This creates friction and the noise is the result of it. Try to troubleshoot the lock by adjusting the strike plate and tightening its screws. If you have a damaged screw, replace it straight away. If this solution doesn’t help, then the issue is most likely with the locking mechanism and lock repair is required.

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