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Innovative Types of Commercial Door Locks

01/01/2014 Back To Blog

Commercial locks are usually used within residential and commercial buildings all over the world. A commercial door lock is used in areas that see a lot of traffic, security, dependability as well as other important elements to facilitate consumers and managers. There are many different kinds that can be chosen from, and the best ones will prove to be beneficial and keep the building safe and secure.


The most widely seen type of commercial locks is known as mortise and cylindrical locks. They can be found in lever or knob styles and come along with other various choices. These are very easy and simple to install and have many options, like: free-wheeling levers, tactile grip, interchangeable cores as well as other great security choices. You can choose the type that you would like to use and have it be electrified and be used together with easy access control hardware.

Exit Control

These types are known as the most popular and sought after type of commercial door lock. They can be found in many different styles and variations. You can choose exit control mechanisms based on your necessities. These are generally used for back doors, and are very easy to install and durable. You may find that there are some of these kinds that come along with key control from the outside.

Card Reader

The door lockset that requires a card to open is very convenient and is mostly used in buildings that see a lot of visitors and applications, like government usage and hotels. These also come along with up-scale, sleek and durable designs that will fit different needs. These are generally equipped with an LED light and are connected to control systems that have alarms. The careful design, low-distortion materials and precise manufacturing ensure easy lock installation as well as trouble-free, long-lasting usage.

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