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Are There Ways to Avoid Burglaries?

05/07/2015 Back To Blog

Don't we all want maximum home security? Waking up without knowing if this would be the day that we'd be targeted is annoying enough; at least if we could have a way to tell ourselves that we did everything possible for maximum security! Then, perhaps peace of mind could be achieved. After all, intruders seek for dark alleys, some privacy, and easy door locks and disarmed alarms so they work their way in and out of our house quickly. Let's not give them that. Let's make a few lists for our own sake. Let's plan today for today and tomorrow and let's keep trying to do the best for our own security.

3 basic lists for maximum security

There are things we can do and provide to maximize security but first let's see what we must all know.
* Lock change is necessary every few years so that the new system is of of the latest technology and strong
* The doors must be strong and resistant as well
* We must reinforce the security of all entry points – including sliding and French doors and windows
* The new security door locks purchased must be made by solid brands and meet grade 2 standards
* Keys and locks get damaged. Key and lock repair should be our first priority in cases like that

The good thing is that there are many types of deadbolts on the market and we should all invest in the best possible ones for all main entrances. Don't forget to install bolts to doors which lead to the main house from the garage or basement. We also provide:

* Additional security systems, especially if the house is on the ground floor
* Lighting. We must never leave entrances, pathways, side alleys or back sides of the house in the dark
* Motion detectors are excellent. There are various types and can be installed at various parts in the perimeter of the house
* Security cameras or other access control systems. Depending on the needs of the house, make a choice. Cameras won't only give you evidence but also drive perpetrators away

One last thing we can all do is adopt new habits. Make a list of things you must do and consider them vital for your security.

* Lock the doors. Half burglaries take place during the day – the other half after dark. Most of them are facilitated by unlocked doors
* Don't leave evidence of expensive purchases just in front of your house. If you buy a new television, tear the box in pieces before hiding them in the trash
* Trim shrubs and trees. They may hide your windows but they will also hide the intruders
* Don't let anyone know of your moves (if you are going away for a few days or your exact daily schedule)
* If the keys are lost and it's not yet time for new lock installation, prefer to rekey the lock and change the keys instead of replacing them

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